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Due to recent heavy rains, water has risen in the Discovery passages and temporarily gives our guests the rare opportunity to see a spectacular and unique natural phenomenon – a close-up view of an aquifer! There is no danger to our guests or to the Caverns.

These conditions are the result of natural groundwater flow, and we have no ability to predict the duration of this special event. We advise all guests to call and obtain up-to-date information regarding these tours and the current status of the water level within the Cavern.

If you're planning a future trip, please keep in mind the Aquifer Tour may not be available. Click here to learn about the regular Discovery Tour, which will resume once the Aquifer has returned to normal levels.

The Glen Rose Aquifer is the local underground water reservoir. This aquifer lies beneath the Caverns, and under normal circumstances the water table is not high enough to be seen. However, when heavy rains send large amounts of groundwater seeping into the aquifer (a process known as "recharge"), the water table begins to slowly rise into the lower chambers of Natural Bridge Caverns. The Discovery Tour passes through some of these lower passages, and with enough rain, the water table can rise high enough to submerge these walkways. Once the rain stops, the groundwater will slowly recede until it once again disappears into the hidden passages below Natural Bridge Caverns.

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Departure Time: Every 10-40 minutes (or sooner)

Tour Duration: 75 minutes

Walking Distance: 3/4 mile (1.20 km) INCLUDES STAIRS

Tour Depth: 150 ft. (45.72 m)

Cavern Temp: 70°

Relative Humidity: 99%

Please wear comfortable walking shoes which provide good traction
on steep, wet surfaces. Strollers are not recommended