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The Natural Bridge
Family Walking on Trail
The entrance to Natural Bridge Caverns Discovery Tour and the name sake "Natural Bridge."

Emerald Lake
Family in Cave
Emerald Lake is a very active part of the cavern, with a nearly constant drip of water supplying the glistening surface of the flowstone that surrounds the pool of water. The water in Emerald Lake appears green due to the refraction of light through the pool.

Castle of the White Giants (1)
Open Cavern
Rimstone pools and a magnificent flowstone formation called the Bomb Burst grace the entrance to the Castle of the White Giants. The room is 50 feet tall, 50 feet wide, and 250 feet long – the second-largest room in the caverns.

Castle of the White Giants (2)
Open Cavern
The Watchtower is the tallest column in Natural Bridge Caverns, spanning the 50 foot height of the Castle of the White Giants.

Castle of the White Giants (3)
Stalagtites and Stalagmites
A look back into the Castle of the White Giants provides a closer view of the Chandelier (left) and the back of the Mount of the Landlord (right).

Hidden Passages Tour
Family Looking at Cave Formations
The Hidden Passages Tour takes place in a section of the cavern discovered several years after the opening of the original Discovery Passages. Smaller groups and a close-up view of fragile and rare formations make this tour a more personalized experience.

Hidden Passages Tour
Family Exploring Cavern
The Tour through the Hidden Passages features a state-of the art lighting system that dramatically highlights the special features of the cavern. It also features a brief "total darkness" experience.

HPT, Cathedral Room (H)
Family Exploring Cavern
Translucent flowstone sparkles under the countless formations in the richly decorated chamber called the Cathedral Room. A state-of the-art lighting system uses light and darkness together to draw attention to unique and delicate cave formations.

HPT, Cathedral Room (V)
Family Exploring Cavern
A myriad of stalagmites rise up from the flowstone floor of the Cathedral Room to mingle with stalactites and slender draperies, creating the impression of an ornately decorated church

Hidden Passages Tour, Broom Closet
Family Exploring Cavern
Densely packed formations in this area provide a close view of many varieties of formations at once. Strips of "cave bacon" are colored by organic acid from the soil above the cave.

Discovery Village Trading Post
Mining Co
The Discovery Village Trading post features one of Texas' best collections of rocks and minerals from all over the world. An educational experience even just browsing, you'll find decorative stones, collectible minerals, works of art, Amethyst Cathedrals, souvenirs, and stone jewelry.

AMAZEn' Ranch Roundup
Outdoor Maze
The AMAZEn' Ranch Roundup is a unique family friendly maze experience built to honor 5 generations of ranch ownership history in the Natural Bridge Caverns family.Designed using real ranch materials, Amazen Ranch Roundup is one of the only dynamic, permanent outdoor mazes in Texas.

Big Daddy's Sweets and Treats
Restaurant and Food
After exploring our caverns and running through the maze, some hand-dipped ice cream and sausage on a stick is going to sound really, really good! Stop by our old-fashioned soda pop and general store, Big Daddy's Sweets and Treats. The "Big Daddy" name is in honor of Harry Hiedeman, one of Natural Bridge Caverns' principle founders and developers.

Gem & Fossil Mining
Young Boy Mining for Gems
Amethyst, rose quartz, emeralds and other treasures are awaiting discovery at the Natural Bridge Mining Company. Guests purchase a bag of "rough" which they then pour into screen-bottomed baskets. Flowing water reveals sparkling gemstones, arrowheads, or even fossils.

Discovery Adventure Tour
Man Exploring Cave
The wild cave portion of the Discovery Adventure Tour presents guests with a number of challenging obstacles. Included on the tour is a 25-foot free climb up a mud-covered slope, a 50 foot belly crawl through an area known as the Birth Canal, and a short traverse over a pit.

Adventure Tour, Fault Room
Man Exploring Cave
The Hidden Passages Adventure Tour possesses soda straw formations in excess of 6 feet long. The last room of the cavern, the Fault Room, features a number of faults plus the longest soda straw formation in the cavern. At 14 feet in length, this soda straw is among the longest in North America.

Adventure Tour, Shaft Entrance
Woman Repelling in Cavern
Guests on the Hidden Passages Adventure Tour are lowered into the cavern on a rope by winch through a 160 foot deep well shaft. The shaft entrance emerges in the spectacular Cathedral room.

Christmas at the Caverns: Caroling in the Caverns
Caroling in the Caverns
Your favorite carols performed live in our majestic underground chambers.